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2024-03-20 New weather station is installed

This weather station has a new web address:

2024-01-20 New weather station in building

The construction of a new weather station for the Kralovice location has been completed. Its modules: TX0 (wind), TX1 (temperature, humidity, precipitation, ground temperature), RX0 (RX DB) and the Cumulus MX server. Installation in place probably in the spring.

2024-01-20 Block diagram has been updated

Block diagram my Brandys/L meteo station has been updated up to date version.

2023-09-13 Home page was edited

An iframe was added in the home page of The iframe is from my SkyAware feeder.

2023-08-20 The repair

The CumulusMX server in Kottingbrunn has been restarted, the station is again in full operation.

Replaced the shorted ceramic capacitor at the input of the power supply module of the TX2 transmitter unit. Value unknown, therefore fitted with capacity M1. After starting TX2, values of soil and leaf moisture and soil temperatures are again measured and transmitted.

2023-08-17 New page about flash flood

To the Brandys website, I have added a flash flood warning page from the CHMI using an iframe at the URL:

2023-08-16 The crash of the meteo server CumulusMX in Kottingbrunn

The Raspbian OS is hanging.

2023-08-16 Crash of the TX2 transmitter and the Cam24 camera

These devices are now inoperative. ( That is the east camera and the soil and leaf sensors.)

2023-07-08 My new website is ready

Entire home page completely redesigned. Modified the Blog page. Debugged and fixed a number of bugs. The performance of the virtualization platform has been debugged, however, the public launch is pending the delivery of a new server.

2023-06-21 Start

Finally, I basically finished the portal page. Some iframes that reject no-cache commands still do not work, but the rest are basically functional. The most work was (as always) to write syntactically correct all proxying, reverse proxying, rewrite rules and correct DNS definitions, because the entire network has only one public IP address.

2023-06-10 New web site

Finally, after a two-year hiatus, I started building an old-fashioned web portal, hopefully it will serve better than the previous one…

The old posts:

2021-04-09 Redesign of WeatherDuino 4Pro DUE RX unit

New design and functions of my RX unit – version 7.3 build 019.

2021-04-05 Only Brandys/L weather station: CumulusMX upgrade to v3.10.4 b3121

Completely new design of all pages, restoration of functionality of “old” scripts with new libraries. Migration of the AQM website from the original US-EPA standard to the European EAQI (approximately one week of work in total).

2021-03-03 AQM-I was serviced again

Performed special maintenance of the MH-Z19B CO2 sensor – after 5 years of operation.

2021-02-29 CumulusMX upgrade to v3.9.4 b3099

2021-02-12 4Pro RX unit upgrade and the documentation update.


2020-11-16 Maintenance my WeatherDuino AQM unit.


2020-10-16 My WeatherDuino 4Pro RX unit

has now WiFi connection to CumulusMX test server. New firmware v7.0 was uploaded.

2020-07-16 The Prague RX unit is working again

after repairing its crash (torn SMD USB connector at Arduino Nano).

2020-07-08 New web page

but only in Czech language – by CHMI: Jak funguje předpověď počasí (= How weather forecast is working), in .pdf file.

2020-06-25 All my meteo sites were migrated to cloud,

but is not in working state yet. I will prepare a new cloud server for it.

2020-05-09 The Kottingbrunn weather station web

is migrated to SSL and new IP address. It was needed to change of jpgraph to v4.2.2 and change of many things configuration…

2020-04-30 Some small or bigger updates

on all stations (upgrade CumulusMX, web pages, portal pages, registrations at PWSweather, …)

2020-03-28 After two years left my hard drive

(Toshiba 500GB 2.5 “- external with USB) in the Prague weather station. The CumulusMX runs on it (Raspbian). MSATA SSD replacement (only 32 GB – should be enough) + SupTronics X850 module was fast and hassle-free, the recovery station continues to work …


2020-03-25 All existing transmitters

are equipped with RFM95W-868-S2 module for future communication at 868 MHz using LoRa technology.


2020-03-15 Tuning of new equipment during pilot operation:

2020-03-12 New RX unit started in pilot operation.


2020-03-01 Construction

of a new powerful RX unit with Arduino Due central unit and possibility of communication via LoRa protocol.

2020-01-09 Completed migration

of from one virtual server to another while changing the storage directory. At the same time, a small upgrade of CumulsMX was made.

2019-12-10 New UVI sensor

replaces the old defective one. Calibration of the snow height sensor at the new location. Changing the calculation of leaf wetting – instead of 0-15 now 0-99%.

2019-11-11 The reconstruction is finished!

2019-11-08 The first stage

of the reconstruction is finished, the system is partially running again.

2019-11-06 Fixed

downloading data to the web In-Počasí Thanks to user Joe Černý Black

2019-10-26 Concrete base for moving the mast to a new location.

2019-10-20 The new rack construction completed

2019-09-15 New SSL certificate for the web

Wild SSL launched for domain. Migrating the Brandys site to this domain.

2019-06-30 The new rack construction for TX1, TX2 and TX3 started

2019-05-02 New aspirated radiation shield

arrived at me – will replace the old DIY one

The old one (DIY)

2019-04-15/22 Some web page changes

-> the ideal is without Weather Underground API

2019-04-12 Power rack under the roof for TX-0 is finished.

Power Unit

2019-04-09 Reconstruction of sensor

mounting on the pole in the garden. Installation of snow sensor.

2019-04-01 WeatherDuino 4Pro AQM II INDOOR trial operation launched.

2019-03-21 Upgrade of the both meteo cameras firmware, some web page changes

2019-03-18 BR-RX-0 upgraded

to the WeatherDuino_Pro2_PLUS v8.2 b001 BR-WD-0 upgraded to the WeatherDuino_4PESP8266_WD v5.0 b009

2019-03-10 Upgrades

BR-RX-0 to WeatherDuino_Pro2_PLUS v8.1 b002
BR-TX-1 configuration prepared to the WeatherDuino_Pro2_Universal_TX v7.0 b002

BR-TX-2 configuration prepared to the WeatherDuino_Pro2_Universal_TX v7.0 b002


BR-WD-0 upgraded to the WeatherDuino_4PESP8266_WD v5.0 b008 RC2 Upgrade BR-RX-0 to WeatherDuino_Pro2_PLUS v8.1 b002 BR-TX-1 configuration prepared to the WeatherDuino_Pro2_Universal_TX v7.0 b002 BR-TX-2 configuration prepared to the WeatherDuino_Pro2_Universal_TX v7.0 b002

2019-03-09 BR-WD-0 upgraded to the WeatherDuino_4PESP8266_WD v5.0 b007 RC1

Wireless Display Wireless Display Wireless Display

2018-10-02 BR-TX-0 upgraded to the WeatherDuino_AGRO_Universal_TX v2.0 b005

TX0 Unit, Brandys/L TX0 Unit, lightning conductor TX0 Unit Sensors, Brandys/L